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If you are interested in carrying out SMART society voluntary work, please contact Society Office

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Happy Giving

Motivation programme and the need for self employment through entreprenureship, farming etc.

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When you donate money to society, you create opportunities to meet new people who believe in the same causes that inspire you

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“One Day Financial Literacy Awareness Camp” Sponsored by NABARD R.O. Imphal

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Little by little, we can make a huge difference! In order to thank all of you in contributing and showing your power


One Day Awareness Programme on HIV/AIDS was organised at Sangaithel, Imphal West District.The main objective of the programme was to impart correct knowledge of HIV/AIDS among the youths of Manipur.


Partner with each other and share best practices for maximum efficiency and top results.

Our Spokesperson

some of our invites speak about our society.







Achivements & Up Comming Projects.

some of the activities in between 2007 to 2016

Agriculture & Rural Development

To promote and fulfilled the objectives of the SMART Society, Small and Large Producers Organization has been promoted by SMART Society at Imphal East District, Imphal West District & Bishnupur District.

Tourism & Sustainable Development

To reserve the natural process including ecosystem, genetic and cultural diversity SMART Society has developed Salai Bio Diversity Farm at Thinungei, Sanjenbam, Nongdam, CharoiKhullen & Khuvong.

Environment and Rural Development

Some of the services provided by the community care center Moreh are all kind of testing, ultrasound and X-Ray facilities, ambulance service, Nursing Home, Diagnosis and treatment of Hepatitis B & C etc.

Promoting Jobs & Protecting People

SMART Society is working exclusively on promoting jobs for the rural people in Manipur. We have a strong strategic emphasis on youth employability and young men and women to get formal employment or self-employment through, business and life skills training.

Smart Young Farmers Club

An innovative intervention for empowering the power of knowledge through education” mainly to the youths and children of our farmer’s community and Training cum awareness programme on Control and Prevention of Vector borne Disease in association with NVBDCP, Manipur.

Midical Mission

Awareness Programme on safe drinking water, STDs/HIV/AIDs, Yoga & Naturopathy, Environmental Protection, Community-based Health Care, Child Health Care etc. And Welfare programme for the physically challenged personsold, aged & destitute,youth and adolescent etc.